The Skincare Products I Can't Live Without


If there is one thing I've learned about myself in the last few years, it's that I will never be a makeup and beauty product junkie. I think there are a lot of reasons for this -- working from home most days, spending a lot of time going in and out of hot yoga studios where products inevitably melt off anyways, and generally not enjoying spending a lot of time on a beauty routine every day. I also generally live my live with the underlying philosophy of "less is more" and find myself gravitating towards minimalism more and more every year - the idea of having a ton of products laying around stresses me out!

Don't get me wrong, though - I strongly believe in the power and importance of natural skincare and clean beauty! Now that clean beauty is so trendy right now, I feel like there are a million products out there claiming to be the best new thing so I've made it a point to keep it really simple and stick to my tried and true basics when it comes to skincare. Every once and a while I'll try something new just to switch things up or to treat something specific, but each of the products listed below are my absolute ride-or-die basics. I've purchased all of these multiple times over and recommend them to anyone who asks! 

OneLove Organics Easy Does It Cleanser 
To me, this is the holy grail of organic facial cleansers and I feel like I'm allowed to say that because I have tried so many brands. I'm always looking for something that takes off makeup, leaves my face feeling clean and fresh (without an oily residue), but is also organic and comprised of ingredients I can trust. Each bottle lasts me a really long time, it smells amazing and the pump never gets clogged (anyone else find that to be a really big win?!).

Witch Hazel Rose Petal Toner 
After I cleanse, I always put a little bit of this witch hazel toner on a cotton ball and swipe it over my whole face and neck. Witch hazel has super anti-inflammatory properties and helps to reduce redness - great for my sensitive skin. It also removes any remaining dirt and oil I may have missed during my cleansing process. As someone who likes that "squeaky clean" feel, I swear this stuff is the best way to achieve that without actually stripping your face of it's good oils in the process. Also, it's super affordable and lasts a long time! 

Rosehip Oil 
I am all about keeping my skin moisturized and super soft, but I don't love the texture of a lot of traditional moisturizers. I'm super into oil natural oils and prefer to use a little bit of this every morning before applying my daily sunscreen. Rosehip seed oil is really high in Vitamin C and antioxidants, both of which help to reduce the appearance of dark spots and wrinkles. It's also incredibly moisturizing without causing breakouts. I only use a few drops every day, but I've noticed such a difference in my skin's tone and texture since I started using it last year.

MaeLove Organic Sunscreen 
I have a longer and more in-depth blog post coming about the importance of mineral-based sunscreen (chemical sunscreen is SO toxic!), but in the meantime I just have to share this MaeLove sunscreen. For me, it doubles as a sunscreen and makeup primer most days and goes on so smoothly without leaving any annoying white or sticky residue. The brand just launched last year and I can't remember how I originally heard about them, but I am grateful I did - I'm already on my 4th tube!

Monastery Lapiz Firming Body Oil 
I don't know why, but I really dislike the act of putting lotion on my body - something about it seems super tedious and once I'm out of the shower, I prefer to just get dressed and move on with my day. As a result, I've become pretty obsessed with body oil - I keep this one in the shower and put it on before I towel off while my skin is still damp. This one smells amazing and is made with super clean, organic ingredients I can stand behind. When I'm not using this one, I also love this Kukui Nut Body Oil

Conscious Coconut Multipurpose Coconut Oil 
When my skin needs a little extra moisture, I like to use this multipurpose coconut oil on particularly dry spots (elbows, hands, knees, etc.) and also love to put this on my hands before I go to bed. You can never have too much moisture! I also love to take this with me when I travel and use it as my moisturizer since it melts into a more liquid-like consistency and can be used as a body oil after the shower. 

Leahlani Mermaid Mask
This mask is real, living food and nutrients for your skin! I love a good clay mask to help remove impurities every so often, but this mermaid mask is the true definition of skin food - it helps to moisturize, heal and boost circulation - it also smells amazing because it's made with raw honey and my skin feels like a baby's bottom every time I use it (once a week or so). 

Facial Dry Brush 
I am prone to getting "bags" under my eyes and can often times get a puffy face when I haven't slept enough, had enough water or gotten in a good sweat. This dry brush for your face is super exfoliating and helps to stimulate fresh blood circulating to your face (hello, glowy complexion!) as well as the detoxifying benefits that come with the gentle lymphatic drainage it encourages. I usually use this a few days a week first thing in the morning and learned exactly how to "dry brush" my face from this video - it's super easy once you get the hang of it!

Jade Roller 
Do you ever wake up and think about how nice it would be to have something really cold on your face to help wake you up? Well, that's exactly what this does! Jade is naturally cooling and helps to firm and tighten your skin and the act of jade rolling has become super relaxing to me - sort of like a mini massage for my face! I keep mine in the refrigerator next to my probiotic and use it every morning while I drink my lemon water and wait for my coffee to brew :)