Podcasts I've Loved Lately


I am unashamed to admit that I’m a total podcast junkie. I have a hard time sitting still for long enough to read a book and used to be embarrassed when people would ask me what I was reading. Now that I’ve discovered podcasts, though, I feel like I’m consistently learning and exploring new topics I’m interested in and I’m able to do so when I’m driving, cleaning the house, walking around the neighborhood, flying, etc. I listen to about 2 podcast episodes/day on average (perks of working from home and constantly wearing my beloved noise-cancelling headphones) and am totally addicted to taking as much knowledge in as I can. I wanted to share a few of my favorite Podcasts + Episodes I’ve listened to and loved lately! You can subscribe to any podcast on iTunes and using the “Podcast” app if you have an iPhone, too, which makes it super easy to follow your favorite channels and save episodes for whenever you’re needing a dose of inspiration or intellect.

The Rich Roll Podcast
Amanda Chantal Bacon on Self-Care, Building a Wellness Empire and Surviving Controversy
Drew Sams on Living A Curious Life of Wonder
Turia Pitt Unmasked – How Choosing Gratitude Turned This Burn Victim Into A Global Inspiration
Danielle LaPorte on Becoming Your Own Guru

From The Heart: Conversations with Yoga Girl
The Vaccination Debate and Social Media Regrets
Being Vulnerable, Feeling Your Feelings, and Owning Your Shit

The Ultimate Health Podcast
Luke Storey: Biohacking in a Big City
Dan Buettner: The Blue Zones
Kathryn Budig: The Yoga Community Has Changed

The Mind Body Green Podcast
Dr. Frank Lipman on The Best Diet Ever, Two Things Wellness is Missing, and The Future of Well Being
Barre3 Founder Sadie Lincoln on Starting a Business & The Importance of Mindful Movement
Outdoor Voices Founder Tyler Haney on the Future of Athleisure and Redefining Recreation
John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods, on How to Turn Setbacks Into Success
Melissa Hartwig, Founder of Whole30, on Addiction & How Hitting Rock Bottom Inspired a Movement

The Life Stylist
JP Sears: I Am Your Guru
Let Food Be Thy Medicine
The End of Cancer
Cracking The Clean Living Code

do you have any favorite podcasts that I should listen to? please share!

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