Winter Skincare Routine


One of the best parts of being raised in Southern California (and there are many!) was the culture of low-maintenance skincare that has stayed with me throughout my adult life. My childhood neighborhood is a small beachside town with a very big hippie influence where people generally don’t bother to blow dry their hair often or wear a lot of makeup, opting instead for air-dried hair and organic sunscreen. This laid-back attitude in combination with a general fear of slapping chemicals all over my skin on a regular basis has made my routine pretty simple these days and I wanted to share what I’m loving right now.

I love to use the winter season to repair my skin and infuse it with as much hydration and healing as I possibly can before the summer sunshine and humidity ramps up. The combination of dry air (hello, flaky skin) and discoloration from being in the sun for a good portion of the rest of the year, pushes me to stick to products that do three things: exfoliate, hydrate, and repair uneven skin tone.

Step 1: Cleanse

I purchased this exfoliating cleanser through Anthropologie months ago and have been using it religiously (a little bit goes a long way!) ever since. It contains super clean ingredients and is paraben-free (paraben is known to disrupt hormone regulation in the body so I try and steer clear of it), but gets the job done as far as removing makeup and other buildup goes. The best part is that it contains Glycolic Acid, a gentle exfoliator that helps to clear away dead skin cells and is best used in the winter when the sun is not as strong.

Step 2: Repair

You guys, I am completely addicted to this stuff! I originally found out about it through The Skinny Confidential a few months ago and let’s just say there is no turning back from here. It has the best smell, a smooth consistency that is absorbed quickly into the skin, and really gets the job done. Discoloration is my arch nemesis every time I step into the sun (even after sunscreen!), so I’m constantly looking for something to help even out my skin tone without putting any harsh chemicals on my body. I apply the serum every night before bed and every morning before I get my day started and have seen a noticeable difference in just a few weeks.

Step 3: Moisturize

There are two moisturizers I use in the winter: one for daytime, one for nighttime. The first is the perfect moisturizer to layer under makeup and the second is much thicker and best if used at bedtime so that it has plenty of time to work it’s magic and absorb into your skin.

My daytime moisturizer has been a recurring purchase for over 5 years now and no matter how hard I try to love other brands, I just keep coming back to this Dr. Perricone one. It is on the pricier side, but I buy one jar every year and it lasts me the entire winter. I love the smell and how it always makes my skin feel like a baby’s bottom!

My nighttime moisturizer is one I have been completely hooked on since last summer, but am using much more regularly now that we are in the middle of super dry weather. Most people associate Sun Potion with their superfood powders, but they also make this incredible ‘skin food’ to help alleviate dry skin, sun damage, and other more serious ailments such as eczema, acne, burns etc. Shea butter is made from shea nuts, is edible (not recommended but food-grade just proves how good the quality really is) and is filled with minerals, proteins and fatty acids that are absorbed into the skin for internal and external nourishment. I apply a little bit all over my face, neck and chest before I go to bed!

Do you guys have any winter skincare must-haves that I should check out?