Mixed Berry + Cauliflower Smoothie Bowl

As much as I absolutely love my morning smoothies, sometimes I have a hard time filling them up with enough greens to balance out the sweetness of fruit like banana and mango (what I usually keep in my freezer at all times). I do my best to keep my blood sugar in check, especially in the mornings, and so I’ve been looking for new ways to bulk up my smoothies + acai bowls without making them overly sweet and this is where I have recently become obsessed with using frozen cauliflower.

Not only is cauliflower super high in fiber, but when frozen it virtually has no taste, and so it’s the perfect add-on to just about every sort of smoothie. I had one acai packet leftover this weekend that I wanted to use up and threw this together on a whim but wanted to share because it was so refreshing and took about 3 minutes to blend!

Also, in honor of heading down under this weekend, I wanted to take a moment to share my absolute favorite nut milk brand that just so happens to be from Australia: Milkadamia. I refuse to buy store-bought nut milks just because making cashew milk at home is so easy (you can find my recipe here) but I make an exception for milkadamia because it is truly the best tasting nut milk I’ve ever bought at a store. I buy mine in a 6-pack from Amazon so that I can always keep it on hand and I highly recommend the unsweetened version (no added sugars!). I prefer to use milkadamia in my coffee because of it’s naturally sweet flavor and due to being high in good fats which help to metabolize caffeine and prevent a jittery feeling. Between the mix of the milkadamia and mixed berries, this bowl was the most magenta and tasted much fancier than it was to throw together!

you can purchase milkadamia here.

Acai Base
1 pack frozen unsweetened acai
1 cup frozen organic mixed berries
1 cup frozen cauliflower
1 ripe banana
1 cup milkadamia (add more if necessary for creamy consistency)

Optional Toppings
unsalted macadamia nuts
fruit of choice (berries, banana, mango, etc.)
chia seeds
nut butter

Optional Superfoods I Love to Add
tocos (read about the benefits here)
collagen peptides

after blending the base, add your toppings of choice and enjoy!