Clean Makeup I Use & Love

I am so excited to finally share my makeup routine, not because anyone has asked (is it because you guys can tell I rarely ever wear makeup? ha!), but because it has taken me the last 6 months to fully transition all of my makeup over to 100% clean beauty products and test out which ones I really love and use. I would be completely lying if I tried to tell you that I am a makeup girl — I attribute that to being in and out of hot yoga studios on a daily basis and generally just not loving the way I look with a ton of makeup on. Nonetheless, I do feel really good when I take the time to get myself “dressed” and wear a little bit of makeup that makes me feel pretty and put together every once and a while.

I’ve always been acutely aware of what I put on my skin — it’s the largest organ in our body and absorbs anything and everything we put on it, and I am grateful to the latest trend in “clean” beauty for the large influx in really high quality makeup that I can stand behind and feel good about. I use 100% clean, organic skincare products (should I do a post on this next?) already, but I’ve been using the same few makeup brands since I was a teenager and, as I’m sure most ladies here can understand, it’s hard to switch over from tried and true favorites. Also, I wanted to wait until I really used up all of the other makeup I had and slowly buy clean brands as I needed them (makeup is expensive!). Now that I’ve entirely transitioned (with the exception of my brow powder–it’s this one if you’re curious), I wanted to share my makeup routine!

 Sheer Tinted Moisturizer: I usually just use a pea-sized amount of this tinted moisturizer to give me a slight, super light coverage. I love that it has SPF 20 for some sun protection, and I find that it stays on well all day long!

Alima Pure Pressed Foundation Powder in Chestnut: On days (or nights) that I want a little more coverage, I swipe a layer of this over my tinted moisturizer for a beautiful, mattifying finish. It’s super easy to carry around for touch-ups and helps to absorb oil when I need it.

Bronzer: As a recovering NARS bronzer addict, this was the hardest ‘clean’ replacement for me to find! I love that it has two shades of bronze for lighter and darker skin tones and it is entirely mineral-based which makes me feel better about the amount I like to slather on my face 

RMS Living Luminizer Highlighter: This highlighter has a total cult following, and I can attest that it’s for good reason. I love love love this stuff and dab it on my cheekbones, under my eyebrows, an at the bridge of my nose for the perfect “dewy” look.

Well People Mascara: I had a few friends recommend this mascara to me and now I understand why — though it’s not waterproof and definitely not hot-yoga proof, it isn’t clumpy and adds the perfect amount of volume.

Eyeliner: I was given this eyeliner as a gift from Take Care Shop DC recently and am totally obsessed. I don’t usually wear eyeliner because I have pretty sensitive eyes, but this stuff  goes on so smoothly, blends really well, and doesn’t streak when I rub my eyes! I have it in “plum” and I like to think it brings out

I wish I had recommendations for eyeshadow, lip products, etc. but if I’m being honest this is everything I own! Do you have any favorite beauty brands that I should try next? I’m still experimenting and would love to know if you have any you swear by.