2017 Fall Intentions + Bucket List

‘life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall’ – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Autumn is my favorite time of year. As someone who grew up without true seasons (hello, Southern California), I never really understood the magic of watching the earth transition from summer to fall. In the Eight Limbed Path (the underlying philosophy of yoga), there is a concept called “tapas,” which means “fire/displine/heat” in Sanskrit, the language of yoga. Tapas is important both in physical practice and also in mentality — without displine, without perserverance or ‘heat’, we can lose focus or become lazy. On the other hand of tapas, however, is this idea of “santosha”, which translates to “contentment.”

So where am I going with this? Summer, a time of intense heat, often feels like the busiest time of year — we want to spend time outside, take advantage of the beautiful weather, and not miss out on any opportunity to enjoy the season of fun and play. Fall, on the other hand, is the planet’s way of forcing us to start slowing down — the weather cools down, it gets dark earlier, and nature encourages us to retreat into quiet and restful patterns.

I know that in my own experience, I often feel exhausted at the end of summer and look forward to taking time to slow down, reflect on what has happened thus far in the year (how are we just three months away fron 2018?!), and take time finishing up projects and goals I set as resolutions earlier in the year. I wanted to share a few of my own personal intentions as well as some fun bucket list experiences I’m adding to my list in this new season.

Meditate Consistently
I am admittedly bad at sitting still — definitely the reason why I gravitate towards fast-flowing vinyasa style yoga versus slow yin yoga practices — but one of my health coaching clients is currently on a 45-day meditation streak using the app Headspace and it’s inspired me to actually try it out more than just once in a while!

Finish My E-Book
Letting you in on one of the many projects I’ve been working on behind the scenes (spoiler!) in an effort to actually hold myself accountable by putting it somewhere public! I have a few mini e-book ideas but my goal is to finish at least one by the end of the year — so excited to share when it’s all said and done!

Complete a Whole-30
Who wants to join me on this one?! I’m primarily grain, refined sugar, and dairy free, but have never actually stuck with it for more than a couple of weeks at a time. I want to try a Whole 30 to challenge my own discipline and actually say that I’ve done it! I put it in my calendar to start on Monday, October 23, exactly 30 days before Thanksgiving and the only time this Fall that we don’t have multiple weekend trips away which make it more challenging.

Take A Trip Down Skyline Drive
This has been on my must-do list every single fall I’ve lived in DC (5 years) and I still haven’t done it.

Hike Great Falls
We’ve done this before but never during the fall — when the leaves start to turn and it’s not 90% humidity it’s the first thing on my list!

Go Apple Picking in Charlottesville
Super basic, I know, but such a fun weekend outing! I also want to make an apple crisp with some homemade cinnamon maple granola to crumble on top, too.

Visit 3 New-To-Me Restaurants in DC
on my list are HimitsuCompass Rose and Chiko

Make Photobooks of Our Wedding + Honeymoon
Ugh, to even admit that we still haven’t done this kills me! It’s time to finally put our wedding + honeymoon photos into a cohesive album that isn’t just in the Photos drive on my computer. I love Artifact Uprising’s Volume Sets!

Cook More!
This one is silly, but we totally got out of the groove of cooking dinner this summer and I miss it! Ready to make tons of recipes I’ve been pinning here.

What’s on your list? Do tell!

Katie Marshall