Why You Should Be Drinking Chlorophyll Water

If there is one thing I believe about living a healthy life, it is that there is no one thing. Every body is incredibly different and true wellness means a lot of little things that add up over time. A few years ago I started really settling into the daily habit of having lemon water every single morning when I wake up. Before my smoothie, before breakfast, before my coffee — it is something I can guarantee will start my day on the right foot. I haven’t ever really changed up this habit since I started it (although sometimes I like to add in apple cider vinegar), but last month I started seeing a lot of research popping up about liquid chlorophyll and let me tell you — I am completely hooked.

Before I go into all of the benefits of chlorophyll, I think it’s important to explain what it actually is so that you have a general idea of where it comes from and how it operates in nature. In short, chlorophyll is the pigment that gives plants it’s deep green hue (think spinach, kale, and other leafy greens known for their tremendous health benefits) and is responsible for the process of photosynthesis. Photosynthesis allows plants to transform the powerful rays of the sun into energy used for cellular growth and transformation. In short, it is a vital building block in the creation of plant-based energy.

Now, I could stop here and easily turn this into a post about how we should all be eating more leafy greens every day in order to get all of the benefits that chlorophyll offers to us. Alas, I am not perfect and know that it’s unrealistic to assume that every day is filled with green smoothies and big salads and so this is where a daily chlorophyll water habit comes into play. Let’s get into the benefits, shall we?

Benefits of Chlorophyll

Toxin Removal :: chlorophyll has been proven to bind to and remove toxins, such as heavy metals (hello, mercury from sushi!) and alcohol, from the system. Had a few too many glasses of wine last night? Try taking chlorophyll the next morning to aid in your liver’s detoxification process.

Reduced Body Odor :: Because of it’s alkalizing effects, chlorophyll helps to reduce body odor and bad breath because of it’s ability to neutralize and even stop the growth of bad germs inside of the body. Liquid chlorophyll has been used as a natural form of bad breath control for decades and is a much safer alternative to mouthwash!

Anti-Inflammatory and Cancer Prevention :: Chlorophyll is one of the most potent sources of antioxidants that exists in nature, aiding in the body’s ability to fight off harmful free-radicals (cancer-causing cells) and diminish a wide range of inflammatory conditions.

are you convinced yet? 

A few of the benefits I have noticed in the month I have been taking chlorophyll consistently have been:

1. improved digestive function
2. decrease in inflammation and muscle soreness (I often get arthritic symptoms and have noticed lessened pain in my right wrist and shoulders where I am often super tense)
3. increased energy in the mornings (who doesn’t want more of that?)
4. faster recovery from intense workouts

I have found that the easiest way to add chlorophyll to my diet is to use it in combination with my morning lemon water and I don’t taste it one bit. I originally bought my chlorophyll liquid drops from my local Whole Foods, but I found an identical version here that has a little bit of mint essential oil in it for flavor in case you don’t always have lemons on hand. It’s a super easy daily habit that you can keep in your purse, on your desk, on your kitchen counter, etc. that has incredible health benefits for very little effort!

Have you tried chlorophyll? Would love to hear your thoughts if so!