Gift Guide: For The Wellness Junkie

Definitely my favorite list to put together, today's gift guide is for the health and wellness junkie in your life (or maybe just for yourself!). 


1 | New Moon Workbook
Are you curious about how the lunar cycles affect you? I have always been so fascinated by the way the moon and energy influences how we're feeling at any given time, and this New Moon Subscription sends you a monthly workbook that not only describes what is happening with the moon that month, but also provides journaling prompts to help you delve deeper in self-discovery and transformation. I am on month three of my subscription and love it so, so much. 

2 | Essential Oil Diffuser 
It seems like everyone has been talking about essential oils this year, and I am totally on board with the trend. I really hate the look of most diffusers, but this Vitruvi one is seriously the prettiest addition to virtually any room. This makes for the perfect luxe gift that is also practical and beneficial for health and well-being! win win! 

3 | Incense 
Most incense and candles are filled with toxins and harsh chemicals that can cause hormone disruption (scary, right?!). But for those of us that like to set the mood using scent, these beautiful incense sticks are the perfect alternative because they are made with pure essential oils. This is what I plan on gifting some of my yoga friends this year! 

4 | 23 & Me DNA Kit
I recently had some DNA testing done at my doctor's office because of some health symptoms that I've been experiencing recently, and after getting a few results back that indicated exactly why I've been feeling a certain way, I am super fascinated by DNA testing and how it can give us more insight into our health (and ancestry if you're into that!).

5 | Molekule Air Purifier
The biggest splurge on my holiday gift guides, this Molekule air purifier is a serious buy with even more serious results. Not only does it look beautiful and is portable so you can move it from room to room, it also "breaks down harmful microscopic pollutants like mold, bacteria, viruses, and even airborne chemicals." The quality of the air we breathe can affect our health on so many levels, and in my dream world, I would have one of these in every single room in my house. Another alternative that is a little less expensive is the Dyson Air Purifier, which I've also heard awesome things about. 

6 | Acupressure Mat & Pillow 
This is the perfect gift for anyone on your list! This acupressure mat helps to promote better sleep, relaxation and pain relief. While it looks like a scary bed of nails, it actually doesn't hurt at all, but instead feels really good to lay on for 10-15 minutes daily. I keep mine stored under my bed and try to lay on it with my legs up the wall every night before I fall asleep. 

7 | Astrology Reading 
I am all about gifting experiences when possible, and recently I was gifted a 30-minute astrology reading with the one and only Debra Silverman. She analyzes your birth chart (the time, place, and year of your birth), gives a ton of insight into certain events or energetic experiences in your lifetime, and provides incredible advice on how to move forward from previous traumas or unhealthy relationships in your life. It's hard to explain my experience with my chart reading without getting into some personal details that I'd rather not disclose, but trust me when I say this is the most beautiful gift you can give either to yourself or to your loved ones. 

8 | CBD Oil
CBD oil is something that, like essential oils, has gotten a lot of attention this year for it's ability to help decrease anxiety, depression, and pain while also improving sleep quality. I got this for my husband to help with his restless mind and trouble falling asleep and he swears it has made all the difference. I personally haven't tried it myself, but I'm thinking about gifting this to a few of my loved ones who struggle with sleep and stress. 

9 | Probiotic Coffee 
As someone who is super sensitive to coffee, I do a lot of research before I purchase or drink anything new. I've been hearing about Wylder Coffee's probiotic blend for a few months, and finally picked some up when I was down in Richmond last month. This coffee is filled with "extremophile" probiotics, meaning they can withstand high temperatures, and I notice a huge difference in my digestion when I drink this versus other organic beans I've purchased in the past. I love love love this coffee and I'm secretly hoping it's in my stocking this Christmas ;)

10 | High-Vibe Chocolates
Guys, this chocolate is SO good. Packed with superfoods and only sweetened with coconut sugar, this is the perfect gift for your friend who loves their sweets but wants a little something extra in their dessert stash. They also make a drinking chocolate that is divine. 

11 | Instant Matcha 
I must admit that making matcha lattes is somewhat of an art. Your water has to be a certain temperature, there is whisking involved, and unless you treat it like a daily ritual, it can be somewhat of an annoying beverage. These Instant Matcha sticks by Panatea (my personal favorite brand with really high quality product) make life SO much easier -- all you do is add the powder to hot or cold water or milk, stir it up, and call it a day. They are perfect for travel! 

12 | Superfood Hot Chocolate 
Trade in your Swiss Miss hot chocolate for this stuff, you guys! Seriously, this stuff reminds me of my childhood in the best possible way and I love to mix it into my coffee or drink it as an afternoon pick-me-up. And no, you can't taste the mushrooms! 

13 | Meditation Spray
If you've ever taken one of my yoga classes, you've probably smelled this meditation spray at the beginning or end of class. Perfect for spraying on your pillow before you fall asleep, or clearing negative energy when you're in a funk, this stuff is a must-have in my yoga bag and on my nightstand. The perfect gift for anyone who loves essential oils and aromatherapy, too! 

Katie Marshall