Gift Guide: For the Kitchen & Home

I'm back for day TWO of my holiday Gift Guides! This time, I'm sharing my favorite picks for the kitchen and home -- a few that I currently own and love and a few that are on my personal wish-list this year.


1 | Joule Sous Vide 
I don't know why I haven't done a full review or blog post about this kitchen gadget yet considering we use it almost every night, but we are obsessed with our sous vide. For those of us that cook meat (always organic and pasture-raised of course!), this is the best way to achieve restaurant-quality at home. Not only does it precision cook just about anything from meat to fish, it is also exclusively controlled via their smartphone app. Often times I'll place my food in with my Joule, leave to run some errands or workout, and then come back to a finished dinner -- no stovetop or oven necessary! For the cooks in your life, this is the perfect gift. 

2 | Dyson Cordless Vacuum
We were ironically gifted two vacuums last Christmas, but this one is by far the winner (thank you, mom!). It's perfect for cleaning up small spaces, carrying around the house without having to plug and unplug constantly, and has a bunch of attachments for any situation from vacuuming underneath your car seats to reaching way underneath a bed. A total splurge gift but absolutely worth every penny!

3 | Hamama Greens Starter Kit 
For those of us that want a green thumb but don't have the time or space to maintain a full vegetable garden, this is the perfect gift that reaps delicious rewards. Each sprout kit comes with a reusable tray and seed kits (they usually take 1-2 weeks to sprout from start to finish), and yield the most nutritious and tasty microgreens ever. I have a monthly subscription and get so giddy every time my new seed kits arrive!

4 | Copper Measuring Cup + Spoon Set
Are these not the prettiest kitchen accessories ever? I have a thing for copper and these would make great stocking stuffers! 

5 | Thrive Market Gift Card
Ah, Thrive Market. My love for this company runs so deep and I am grateful for it's existence every day. Think of Thrive as a blend of Costco prices and Whole Foods products -- you can purchase nearly every type of pantry staple, clean beauty goodies, and cleaning products for a fraction of the price in exchange for an annual membership fee of $50 (if you use it frequently, this is a negligible cost!). You can either gift a membership to someone or send them a gift card -- both a huge win in my book! 

6 | Hot Water Kettle
For the coffee and tea junkie in your life, this is seriously the greatest device ever. Not only is it pretty and sleek, it also accurately boils water to any temperature you want (this is super handy for my matcha lattes, which can't be hotter than 170 degrees!) and has a beautiful spout that makes precision pouring a breeze. 

7 | Insulated Tumbler
Another great stocking stuffer, this insulated tumbler is one of my favorites. It holds heat for hours and is perfect for just about anyone who drinks hot beverages. We have two and use them almost every morning!

8 | Herb Kit
This is a gadget that's been on my personal wish list for almost a year (hint hint!) and can grow herbs in just about any condition, including my very dark basement kitchen. I always hate purchasing herbs at the grocery store only for them to go bad a couple of days later -- nothing worse than feeling wasteful! This device is supposed to help with longevity of herbs and it's pretty which doesn't hurt, either!

9 | Dutch Oven 
I use my huge, ugly, orange dutch oven to make soups, stews, and chilis every single week when the weather turns cold, and this is the most beautiful upgrade to my current situation. I don't love leaving things on my countertops because I'm a total clean freak, but I would put this baby on display for sure. 

10 | Marshall Bluetooth Speakers 
I initially purchased these beautiful speakers because they have our last name on them (winning!), but now that I've used them nearly every day for a couple of years, I think they are more than just a pretty face. I love that they connect via bluetooth so I can wander around the house with my phone and still listen to music at the same time. They also come in smaller, more portable sizes, too!

11 | Organic Cookware
In an effort to get rid of as many toxins in my home as possible, I've been doing a lot of research on the hazards of cooking with traditional nonstick cookware, which is loaded with chemicals and carcinogens. Considering cookware is one of our most-used kitchen items, I've been looking to replace what we currently use with a safer option. GreenLife makes this really beautiful, non-toxic ceramic cookware that comes in a variety of shapes and sizes -- a practical gift for your health-conscious loved ones.