Gift Guide: For the Homebody


1 | Non-toxic candle 
I love candles so much, but considering that most are made with synthetic fragrances known to cause cancer and disrupt your hormones, it's hard to find non-toxic candles that also smell just as good as the ones you can find at Anthropologie. These beautiful copper candles not only look stunning in any room, but are perfectly scented and have a 50-hour burn time! 

2 | Cozy Bathrobe 
If you've never touched anything made by Barefoot Dreams, you have been missing out on the coziest fabric of your life! I've had my bathrobe for two years now, and it is like my personal fuzzy security blanket. 

3 | Beats Wireless Headphones 
 I didn't think I could love anything more until I got these headphones as an early Christmas gift from my husband. I had some other large headphones for years that had a cord, so anytime I wanted to wander around the house or clean up, I had to carry my phone with me. With these, I can keep my phone or computer on my desk and talk on the phone or clean up the kitchen hands-free! I've also been loving them for workouts, too.  

4 | Noise Machine
Another vital part of my sleep routine, this noise machine creates the perfect white sound to drown out unwanted noise. Great for any city-dwellers and children alike. 

5 | Planter
For the plant-lover, an upgraded, stylish plant stand makes for the perfect gift. I have my eye on all of the ones from West Elm! 

6 | Appointed Notebook 
I LOVE this local brand, and as a list-maker, I can't live without these notebooks. Seriously though, I have three on my desk at all times (one for personal, one for work, and one filled with my yoga class sequences). Paper isn't dead! 

7 | Organic Sheet Set
Considering we spend nearly a third of our lives in bed, what we sleep on matters. These organic cotton sheets are something I've had on my wish list for a long time - who doesn't want a pretty new sheet set? 

8 | Silk Pillowcase 
A pillowcase that keeps you cool and prevents wrinkles? Yes, please. I love this thing so much and, as a stomach sleeper, have found that I don't wake up with unsightly sleep marks in the morning anymore! 

9 | Lunya Silk Sleep Set
To me, pajamas are the perfect gift. I am not the type of girl to wear a big, baggy tshirt and sweatpants to bed because I've found that going to bed feeling cute actually puts me in a better mood the next morning. I loooooove my Lunya sleep set! 

Katie Marshall