My Favorite Documentaries on Health & Well-Being!


the coziest living room from our Airbnb in Copenhagen!

We’re coming up on the coziest time of year and, to me, there is no better time than Fall and Winter to stay inside and catch up on movies, books, and cooking at home! I am obsessed with documentaries and, because we’re expecting some rainy weather this week in DC, I figured it was the perfect time to share some of my top picks.


Food, Inc.
I studied food politics, policy and the sociology behind health in college and this is the movie that probably best sums up (obviously in less detail) everything I learned about in those 4 years. If you’ve never watched any food or health documentaries before, this is the best place to start. I recommend this movie to all of my health coaching clients and it never gets old even after seeing it 10+ times.


 I Am Not Your Guru
I didn’t know much about Tony Robbins before seeing this documentary and, after seeing it, have recommended it to virtually everyone! I always find self-help authors + life coaches to be so fascinating, and this was the perfect introduction to who Tony Robbins is and how he has been able to transform people’s lives on such a profound level.


Supersize Me
In case you need a reminder of what fast and processed foods do to your system, this is the perfect film to get you right back to fresh fruits and vegetables. Morgan Spurlock eats only McDonalds for 30 days and tracks everything that happens to his health within that short amount of time and it completely blows me away every time I watch it.


Minimalist living and simplicity is really having a moment, and I am in full support. There is so much to be said about having less so that you can live more, and the two filmmakers who created this documentary take a deep dive in how minimalism has transformed their own lives. If you’re in the mood for a closet clean-out, this is sure to get you inspired.


The Secret
This movie is by far the most esoteric on the list, but I absolutely love it’s message. The Secret discusses the “law of attraction” and the concept of positivity in how it can transform our lives for the better. I’ve seen this principle work in my own life in a powerful way the past year and it’s nice to come back to this movie when I am feeling stuck in a negative headspace.


Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead
Joe Cross, the subject of this film, is exactly as the title describes: fat, sick, and nearly dead. He goes on a road trip around the nation to talk to people about the importance of a plant-based diet and what he is able to accomplish with his own health is a miracle in and of itself. I love this movie so much and it re-ignites my own passion for spreading health and wellness with others.

There you have it! Are there any documentaries you’ve loved lately that I should watch?