October Favorites


Happy Halloween! It’s the last day of October (how did that happen?) and I thought it would be fun to do a roundup of some of my favorite finds and purchases from this month.

1 | Handmade Ceramics
After our trip to Copenhagen in September, where they have a major thing for handmade ceramics, I find myself on a constant search for the prettiest handmade ceramics. I found these mugs when we were up in Philadelphia last weekend and just had to take them home with me.

2 |CommonGood
I was originally drawn to this new brand of household cleaners for the beautiful minimalist packaging, but now that I’ve given both the dish soap and hand soap a solid couple of months, I am not turning back. What I love about the brand is that you can purchase the glass containers and order recyclable refills instead of always throwing them away over time!

3 | Bonafide Bone Broth
I posted about my bone broth habit over on Instagram the other day, but I really do swear it is my favorite ritual ever (besides my morning coffee). Bone broth is super healing for the digestive system and is filled with collagen, too, which is great for hair, skin, nails and joint health. I’ve been loving Bonafide Provisions (I buy at my local grocery store or Whole Foods!). 

4 | Spanx Faux Leather Leggings
As someone who wears yoga pants for a living, I have a very hard time wearing “normal” clothes, especially pants that feel restrictive. As much as I love wearing Lululemon daily, though, it does feel nice to slip on pants that are both incredibly comfortable (they feel just like yoga pants!) and super cute. The faux leather look is definitely more subtle than the super shiny versions I’ve seen around, so I don’t feel like I’m stepping too far out of my neutral comfort zone when I wear these

5 | NewBalance Fresh Foam Sneakers
I get so many questions about these sneakers whenever I wear them (I have them in both gray and pink) that I figured it was time I share them on here! They are by far the most affordable and comfortable sneakers I own and I wear them both for leisure and exercise with zero problems. Did I mention they are super affordable?! Go get yourself a pair ASAP! (they come in men’s, too).

6 | Trevor Hall
If you’ve ever taken my yoga class, chances are you’ve heard at least one of Trevor Hall’s songs during those 60 minutes. I’ve always loved Trevor’s music so much, but after seeing him in concert a few weeks ago (for the 3rd time!), I’m on another major Trevor Hall x Spotify bender. Trevor is a devout Hindu and all of his music is deeply spiritual — I loved listening to him on Yoga Girl’s podcast a few weeks ago, too, if you’re curious to learn more about him and his music!

7 | Joe’s Jeans
Okay, so I don’t wear a lot of denim due to my very large collection of Lululemon leggings, but I found these jeans earlier this month while on the hunt for a pair that felt like leggings and I am obsessed. Not only are they high-waisted, but they are buttery soft and have a rough edge hem, which made it super easy to cut to my super short leg length!

8 | Sun Potion Shea Butter
Now that the weather has turned to cold and crisp, my skin has started to feel extra dry, so I’m back on board with Sun Potion Shea Butter — I put a pea-sized amount on my face every night before bed and wake up with baby soft, super moisturized skin in the morning. You can technically eat shea butter (wouldn’t recommend, but it’s food grade!), so I trust that by putting this on my face every night I’m not subjecting my skin to any harmful toxins or chemicals.

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